Nevada State College
Nevada Faculty Alliance
  1. Thursday Oct. 6, 4.00-5.30pm. NSE 352
    General NFA-NSC Membership Meeting
    Discussion of programming for the semester, review of recent statewide NFA meeting, issues of concern to faculty. 4-5:30; others items (send agenda items to Paul Buck). Followed by HH at remedy's.
  2. Thursday Oct. 20, 4-5pm. NSE 352
    Brown Bag Discussion
    Issues will include a review of the role of NFA in faculty grievance policy at NSC. We will also discuss the issues related to the proper role of student evaluations in faculty annual evaluations. Other issues could include the campus climate survey. Followed by Third Thursday HH at Remedy's 5-6 pm.
  3. Thursday Nov. 17, 4-5pm. NSE 352
    NFA-NSC Meeting
    Three campuses of the NSHE (CSN, WNC, and TMCC) are now collective bargaining units. We will discuss what that means, and ramification for NSC. Experts in union organizing and collective bargaining will discuss. Followed by Third Thursday HH at Remedy's.